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Our revenue cycle management (RCM) vigilance shortens the distance between physicians and their income, offering a direct path to revenue growth. We capture more of what you earn while quickly securing unpaid balances, offering RCM expertise that looks after your practice.

Sentrii - Strategic Approach

We are excited to announce Sentrii RCM's acquisition of Northern Ohio Billing Specialists, Inc. Learn More Here.

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Sentrii RCM = REAL ROI

You give your patients everything, and Sentrii brings it all to fruition. Through RCM services and beyond, the integrity of our individual guidance delivers physicians and administrators complete financial transparency.

Our foremost expertise helps us maximize your returns compliantly with the tools, technology, and data you need to thrive. Realize your time and treatment efforts in the form of well-deserved revenue with help from the Sentrii team.

Simple. Seamless. Solutions.

Nimble Technology

Nimble Technology and Processes

True web-based technology allows access to information anywhere. We also integrate seamlessly with existing software and processes, but don’t be surprised if we make a few suggestions for improvement!

Honesty - Balance Scales

Honesty and Integrity

Addressing mistakes is a necessary evil and delivering bad news is hard. We deal with issues head-on and keep them from becoming more significant errors that put your business and financial position at risk.

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Domestic Support

We live in a global world, but our focus is on billing for physician services in the United States. We have built a company that does not outsource to foreign countries to remain competitive while keeping it local.

Relationship-Focused. Revenue-Driven.

We’re collaborators who empower the business of health care, using knowledge and simplicity to support both short-term growth and long-term stability.

“Whether it’s the collaboration and visibility they provide or the revenue results they deliver, Sentrii has helped our practice take back control of its finances.”

"I thought my billing company was doing a great job. I was wrong. Unlike the big guys, Sentrii doesn’t miss or offshore my account to a third party overseas. I just wish I had found them sooner!"

“Personal service, maximum returns, total transparency. That’s what Sentrii has given us in a nutshell. Most RCM providers are too big to care. Sentrii is different.”

Is Your Billing Company Costing You?

Take Charge. Sentrii has the tools and insights you need to regain control of your revenue.

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Get More From What You Give

Don’t settle for less than the utmost attention paid to maximizing your return on every claim. Contact Sentrii today.

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