4 Ways Your Medical Billing Company is Costing Your Medical Practice Revenue

Health insurance companies continue to report record revenues while caregivers are left fighting for every dollar. These companies have also gotten pretty good at coming up with creative ways not to pay claims. It is more important now than ever that you have a medical billing partner who will not retreat and will help you in the fight. If you follow these warning signs, you may discover a few red flags.

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Signs Your Medical Billing Company Is Costing You

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There isn't a process to capture every service.

All the services you provide should be billed and paid only once. Despite its seeming simplicity, it's a concept that has been problematic for billing providers and RCM companies for decades, and most times, it comes down to one thing: process. Sentrii has taken on clients that have OB services unbilled for months at a time, all because the proper processes were lacking or otherwise were not in place.

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Payer credentialing and database maintenance doesn't keep up with your practice.

Your practice is constantly changing. If your medical billing company isn't keeping up, claims aren't getting paid. What’s worse is that insurance companies have massive databases that are daisy-chained together as they add products or acquire companies. This results in bad information and unpaid claims. A proactive medical billing partner doesn’t assume all is well, they look for these types of problems and fix them.

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Appeal attempts are wasted.

Did you know that insurance carriers continue to eliminate the chances you get for appeals or claim reconsiderations? If your medical billing company is wasting these chances, claims aren't getting paid.

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Correspondence is left unattended to.

If your medical billing company isn't on top of managing all correspondence from the companies processing your insurance claims you are missing valuable information that is keeping claims from being paid. There is a never ending increase in requests and it is all by design. Do you ignore the letters you receive and assume your medical billing has it covered? Sentrii RCM wouldn’t.

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At the end of the day, a good revenue cycle management partner can help your practice navigate the complicated and ever-changing healthcare insurance system so that you can focus on what you do best, patient care. 

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