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Sentrii RCM Gains Decades of Medical Billing Experience with the Acquisition of Apex Partners, LLC’s Billing Business

JANUARY 2024 – Sentrii RCM is excited to announce the acquisition of Apex Partners, LLC, a team of healthcare revenue and practice administration specialists based in North Olmsted, Ohio.

Sentrii RCM will retain the Apex Partners office west of Cleveland, creating a crosstown location to supplement its east-side headquarters in Painesville, Ohio. In addition, Apex Partners President Thomas Cully, CPA, will maintain control of his accounting and consulting business.

Originally founded in 2006, Apex Partners quickly earned a reputation for results, elevating the financial health of healthcare professionals throughout Ohio. Sentrii RCM is eager to continue delivering current Apex Partners clients with more of the revenue they deserve through personal service and tireless attention to detail.

“Apex Partners clients have come to expect excellence from their billing partner, and I look forward to empowering them to thrive by maximizing revenue and advancing operational efficiencies wherever possible,” said Tyler Lewis, Operating Partner at Sentrii RCM.

Using leading-edge technology to track historically effective tactics, Sentrii RCM helps its clients grow by successfully navigating the ever-changing healthcare billing and insurance landscape. And because Sentrii RCM employees are based entirely in the U.S., they are better equipped to understand the unique challenges American practitioners face on a regular basis.

“The truth about Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is that insurance companies make mistakes, and you need a billing partner to catch them.”

The experts at Sentrii RCM understand medical billing risks. The addition of several more seasoned medical billing professionals will allow Sentrii RCM to better serve physicians, helping them capture more of the revenue that’s rightfully theirs while strengthening the financial foundation of their business.

“While giant RCM companies used by most deploy their focus and attention away from small to midsize practices, we dig in to ensure our clients are paid what they deserve, no matter their size. Bringing in the professionals at Apex Partners puts us in a position to continue doing exactly that” Lewis said.

Tyler Lewis, Operating Partner

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Sentrii’s commitment as your medical billing partner is to reconcile claims without leaving anything behind, along with clear and consistent communication with physicians and practice administrators. It’s as simple as that.

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