Choose Sentrii RCM To Be Your Medical Billing Partner

In search of a new medical billing partner? We might be able to help. Whether it’s a short-term growth goal, long-term stability or auditing your current revenue cycle management, Sentrii RCM collaborates with you through a seamless process driven by transparency and integrity. Plus, Sentrii doesn’t outsource a single thing.

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Your Medical Billing Growth Partner

Sentrii understands the ebb and flow of business. As physicians and healthcare practices evolve, your medical billing partner needs to keep up and deliver on-time revenue cycle management processes.

Seamless Medical Billing Process

Effective charge capture is simple. However, it requires an approach to revenue cycle management that involves diving into your source systems to account for every service provided. It also requires establishing a seamless medical billing process that leverages intuitive digital solutions that ensure all care is billed.

Sentrii’s revenue cycle management billing system can integrate seamlessly with existing systems and helps establish efficient processes. This process is especially crucial for hospital-based services that involve a separate billing process. Revenue can slip through the cracks without a process to ensure that each service provided is correctly procured from its original service location only once.

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Understanding Medical Billing Risks

As of 2022, having out-of-network patients is now a significant risk to the financial health of your practice. That’s why having a revenue cycle management partner who knows your health insurance contracts inside and out is crucial. However, understanding your contracts is half the battle.

Sentrii RCM provides guidance and advanced processes to help you navigate the No Surprises Act (NSA). Our team is experienced with the MAXIMUS portal and assists with filing arbitration cases to ensure that your practice receives a competitive payment when an out-of-network insurer doesn’t initially provide it.

Proactivity & Compliance Takes Work

Sentrii RCM doesn’t take shortcuts. From ensuring documentation is complete to utilizing the correct billing codes, maintaining compliance and eliminating risks is done through an ongoing effort to search for and identify areas of improvement. It starts with simple and consistent internal audits.

We also pride our coding service on keeping up with our clients. New treatments and techniques are developed daily, and sometimes CPT definition and description lag behind. Our coders are engaged with our clients, developing a thorough understanding of the services you provide so that we can ensure your billing is compliant and our claims team is equipped to procure payment.

Let’s Talk Medical Billing

Sentrii’s commitment as your medical billing partner is to reconcile claims without leaving anything behind, along with clear and consistent communication with physicians and practice administrators. It’s as simple as that.

The switch will be easier than you think. Claim your complimentary Sentrii RCM adjustment audit to see how much revenue is left in the operating room.

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